we hate metanarratives

As you can see in the delightful cartoon above, CJ and I utterly lack credulity towards metanarratives (I know there's only one person in the cartoon; it's symbolic, asshole). In fact, we're incredulous to the point of mindless barbarism. Why? Because postmodern history, as described by the French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard, is the "death of centres" and "incredulity towards metanarratives."

As CJ and I discovered, postmodern history can more properly be defined as an utter waste of university dollars and student time. It is among the worst excuses humanities professors have for writing papers back and forth with each other, none of which will ever have any impact on the world at large. It also seems to justify the passing off of crappy novels as works of history-proper. It's history! How can you adequately relate things that actually happened by writing about people that never existed doing things that never occurred? So thanks for the definition, Pierre, but we'll stick with all of that regular history for now. You and all your unholy ilk can burn in postmodern hell.

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